Boiler Service In Maidstone

Do You Require a Boiler Service and Live In Maidstone?

Why do I need to get my Boiler serviced?Boiler Service in the Maidstone area

  • For the continuation of a Warranty period.
  • Every manufacturer recommends that their boilers are serviced annually.
  • To prevent costly repairs, by picking up issues in their early stages.
  • To keep them working in a safe manner.
  • To keep the boiler working efficiently.


A boiler service from KMC Gas includes a 24 point functionality and safety inspection, which includes a check for gas leaks.

To keep your boiler running in tip top condition it is advisable to have it serviced once a year.

These are common issues with boilers that can arise from lack of servicing:

  1. Build up of combustion deposits in the main heat exchanger creating less efficient combustion and therefore less heat being transferred to the water .
  2. The condense trap can block up if not cleaned annually resulting in a flame failure lockout.
  3. The expansion vessel can lose it’s charge resulting in the central heating pressure rising when the heating is on, then dropping when off.  Resulting in a low water pressure lockout.
  4. Minor issues like a small leak inside the boiler can rust through the case, resulting in almost all cases a new boiler being required.
  5. Several Manufacturers of Boilers have released safety updates for parts that if the original ones are left for several years can become dangerous and a Fire hazard. these Boiler Manufacturers include Worcester, Baxi, Ideal and Vaillant.
  6. A condense trap can dry out sometimes resulting in fumes entering the property.
  7. On older boilers the thermocouple condition can be assessed during a Boiler Service and replaced if necessary, if left too long a thermocouple will cause the pilot light to repeatedly go out.

An annual Boiler service does not rectify pre existing faults, therefore please do not book in a Boiler service if it is not working properly.  You will need a breakdown call out, and disclosing all symptoms no matter how insignificant it may seem helps massively with the repair.


Why not give me a call and find out how little it costs to get your Annual Boiler Service carried out in Maidstone