Gas Cookers Installer In Maidstone

Maidstone Cooker Installation

 £65 Cooker Installation In Maidstone

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To replace a cooker for a pre-existing one I charge £65 to swap the hose, carry out a soundness test on the  gas supply to make sure there are no leaks, test the cooker for correct combustion to ensure that your  cooker is operating safely.

If the cooker is you have purchased is operating safely I will issue a Gas Safety Certificate, please note that second hand cookers are not guaranteed to pass and I am legally unable to leave an unsafe gas cooker connected even if it is your own and you have just moved for example.

gas cooker hose maidstoneAny additional fittings or fixtures required would be at additional cost but most cookers come complete  with safety chain and screw pack.
Please let me know if you require a new hose for your cooker installation, most of the time your existing hose if fine to use on the new cooker.

Feel safe in the knowledge you new cooker installation is operating safely and has been installed by a an engineer experienced and qualified from the Maidstone & Medway area.