Boiler Service In Maidstone

Do You Require a Boiler Service In Maidstone

Every manufacturer recommends that their boilers are service annualy to prevent costly repairs and keep them working in a safe manner.

Free Boiler Safety Certificate

Every boiler service I carry out comes with a free Gas Safety inspection and you willl be presented with a service certificate at the end. If your the boiler is fairly new then it will require an Annual Service in order to continue the warranty this is a requirement by All Boiler Manufacturers.

Most new boilers come with long warranties Worcester, for example come with 5 Years as standard, Vaillant and Ideal have a 7 year warranty. Failure to carry out the annual inspection will unequivocally void the warranty.

If your boiler is new please make sure that the Boiler Installation Engineer has filled out the Benchmark as this is another requirement by not only the boiler manufacturers but Gas Safe too. If this page is blank it is likely you have been duped by a cowboy and your boiler installation could potentially be unsafe if not, certainly not registered with Gas Safe and the manufacturer as myself and many other Gas Engineers see on a daily basis.

Why not give me a call and find out how little it costs to get your boiler serviced