Power Flush

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Powerflushing for Maidstone and Medway

Do you live in Maidstone or Medway and have been told you need a powerflush, then look no further. Systems require a powerflush or system clean if the is a build up of iron oxide in the radiators or boiler causing a number of costly issues as well as system inefficiency. The main symptoms are hot water going hot and cold (on a combi),  radiators only partially warm especially the middle bottom being cold, repeated pump issues, three way valve issues or zone valve issues.   New boilers are required by the Manufacturer to have the system cleaned or the warranty will be invalid.  Sometimes installers will not do this to cut corners but this can cost the customer a lot financially as it is likely to damage the new boiler which has very thin waterways compared to older style boilers. I use a system which is called Magnacleanse is is much more efficient then standard powerflushing which wastes alot of water. Powerflushing can be extremely expensive and I do not think the going rate for system cleaning is fair so feel free to give me a call and I will be able to give you and extremely competitive quote to powerflush your system if you live in Maidstone or Medway. The image to the right was removed from a system I powerflushed in Maidstone.
Magnacleanse Maidstone