Powerflushing In Maidstone

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Powerflushing In Maidstone

Do you live in Maidstone and have been told you need a Powerflush?

Central Heating Systems require a Powerflush or system clean if the is a build up of iron oxide in the radiators or boiler causing a number of costly issues as well as system inefficiency.

The main symptoms are:

  1. hot water going hot and cold when you have a combi boiler
  2.   radiators only partially warm with the bottom of the radiator being cold.
  3. Some radiators not working.
  4. Faulty pump, three way valve or zone valve issues.
  5. Excessive banging, also known as kettling when the boiler is hot.

New boilers are required by the Manufacturer to have the system cleaned or the warranty will be invalid as sludge can damage components.

Magnacleanse Maidstone

Powerflush needed for blocked pipe in MaidstoneI use the latest Powerflushing Machine by Kamco combined with a magnetic filter system called Magnacleanse which is much more efficient than standard powerflushing alone.

Nothing restores your boiler efficiency  more than a Powerflush and a regularly serviced boiler.

The image above was removed from a system I carried out a Powerflush in Maidstone, and shows the amount of sludge that can build up in a heating system causing no end of Boiler breakdowns and Central Heating System inefficiency.